Step 1

1. Choose the event.

2. Click on Buy


Youll be informed about the chosen event, location where it takes place, dates, and their corresponding prices. Youll also be informed about the current promotions for each credit card at the selected event.


Step 2
Next, youll choose the date of the show that youd like to attend. Clicking on Buy youll be re-directed to the next step.

Step 3
3.1.- Quick Ticket selection (Seleccin rpida de tickets)


- Choose the type of tickets.
- Choose the numbers of tickets that youd like to buy.
- Clicking on the Quick Tickets Selection, youll have access to the ticket selection, without previous seat selection. The system automatically will choose the best seats for the section chosen by the user.
- Afterwards for your approval the system will show you a new window with all details of the tickets that youre buying.


3.2.- Seat selection. (Seleccin de asientos)

Clicking over the image of Guia de Mapas de Asientos of the chosen event, you can have access to the place that you choose, having a clear view of the seats and rows. Once you complete the steps 3,1 or 3,2 you can choose between the next 3 options:


Continue with the purchase (Seguir comprando)
Empty the cart (Vaciar Carro)
Buy (Comprar)

Continue with the purchase (Seguir comprando): It allows you to go back to the previous step and keep adding tickets to the cart or cancel the option.
Empty the car (Vaciar Carro): It allows you to cancel the tickets that youre buying. If the user wants to stop the purchase, you should make sure to press the right option, so the operation finishes without problem.

Step 4

Buy (Comprar ): This is the right option to buy Tickets.
If youre already registered.You should enter your e-mail and personal password, to have access to complete services.
If youre not registered, you should go to the option Registracin de Clientes and complete the right information, so you can be part of the clients of Multiticket.

Important: This registration must contain the same information as the credit card (the credit card owner ) if you want to cancel the operation.

Olvido de Clave (Forgot your password?)  This is for register users, if you dont remember the password to have access to the system, you must go to the option. Send my password (Enviarme Recordatorio)

This option allows us to send the user, via e-mail, all information and details of the operation that youre doing on Multiticket.


Step 5

Once you have completed all the information, you will finally have access to the options of the system of Multiticket.
In the Buy menu youll have the steps that will show you how to continue with the purchase of your tickets. It will also show you the shipment conditions according to the system of Multiticket.
The methods of shipments ready for each event will be indicated in addition; with the possibility of selecting an option according to the time limit available, based on the date of the Event/selected Show.

Shipment Information (Informacin de Despacho) This option shows the data of shipment. The User will be able to add a new address of deliver, or edit the address already added; in order to make updates or changes in the information.

How to buy - Step I
1. Select the date of the event.
2. Select the chosen seats. (The sold seats are in red).
3. Select the amount of chosen tickets.
4. Click on Aceptar.

Option Continuar > Comprar > Informacin de Pago

This step shows you the different payments options with Credit cards (m edios de Pago) and then continue (Continuar).


How to buy - Step II

Comprar: This option shows the summary of the purchase; please make sure before going to the following step; that all detail of the purchase tickets, corresponds with the operation that you try to make; once its made this click  OK.

Go to the option Purchase (Realizar Compra).

1. Complete the form that will appear on screen, the personal information of the credit card owner with which the purchase will take place.
2. Complete the shipment information (Address to deliver the tickets).

If the shipment address of tickets goes beyond the limits of our delivery service, you should select the type of deliver that you want:


Important: The Post service

Important: The Post service will deliver the tickets bought via this methodology; exclusively to the credit card owner, with the presentation of the same, and the corresponding Identity card. The shipment cost/deliver is independent of the cost by service, and it is charged on the total of the purchase. 

3. Complete the information of the payment.
4. Once entered the entire information click on the Aceptar button.


How to buy - Step III

The site asks for you to confirm of all the information of your purchase, If all information is correct you must click on the CONFIRMAR button. Otherwise, click on the Volver button and change the wrong information.


How to buy - Last Step

At last, enter the data of the credit card and click on the Finalizar Compra button.
If the operation was successfully made youll see a new screen indicating that the operation has been approved, specifying the N of Order the details of the acquired. If the operation fails, a screen will appear indicating that the operation has been rejected.
For your safety well remember you that data of your credit card is not registered in any process or data base associated in our applications. We only use it to validate payments, and we do it through a safety provided protocol by ASN CROLL; and validated by each one of the Administrators of Credit cards qualified in Argentina.