Nuestros Servicios


  1. The attention to the final consumer is the primary target of the company, the same holds fast in the search of one close relation with the public, looking for the conformation of a information agglomerate about its tastes, hobbies, intention of purchase, age, civil state, providing a sociological analysis at professional level and persecuting the excellence in the treatment and knowledge of the buyer. Trying to establish a positive and lasting relation with, understanding the needs and trying to advance on the future needs of consumption.
  1. Benefits for our clients:
  2. Simultaneous sales through Internet, Call Center, Ticket offices, and Points of sale, without concerning the volume of operations.
  3. The client informs in accordance with. At the time of making decisions the information is vitally important, Multiticket in accordance with develops in joint form with the client a report the needs of the administrative area and sale of the client.
  4. Safe operations through any official points of sale Multiticket.
  5. Extension of sale channels.
  6. Developments of maps of events.
  7. System of detection and identification of adulterated entrances, offering security to the spectator and defending the interests of the client.
  8. Through use of our data base, we canalized the communication of the event to the indicated person, that is to say the consumer who owns the specifications of intention of purchase for her product, obtaining a customized attention and aiming at a better advantage of the publicity.
  9. Efficiency in the accomplishment of events, offering our knowledge and securing a process of synergy between the involved parts.
  10. Projections of seasons.
  11. Publicity through our vestibule of Internet.